2022 Outdoor Living Space Trends

2022 Outdoor Living Trends

2022 Outdoor Living Trends

Studies have shown that being outside elevates your mood and reduces stress.  In San Diego, we consistently have good weather and as a result, people take advantage of this with custom outdoor living spaces.

This blog post covers the 2022 outdoor living trends we see most amongst our customers.

Outdoor Kitchen Bars + Dining Rooms

The concept of outdoor kitchens and dining rooms is not a new thing, but the creative design going into them lately keeps evolving over time.  We thought we'd share some impressive outdoor living spaces with you.

Note the outdoor dining table, TV, fireplace, chandelier, and ceiling fans for outside cooking and dining comfort.


California Rooms: Outdoor Living Rooms + Hangout Spaces

Outdoor Living Room

Note this California room is a seating area complete with a TV, fireplace, recessed lighting, ceiling heaters, and an eating bar for comfortable outside lounging. Speakers were hardwired into the overhead structure to provide outside music and surround sound for the television.


Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Note the outdoor hacienda-style wood-burning fireplace.  The grill and food prep area are all included under the overhead structure.  Proper venting and open walls allow for this type of setup.


Grilling Tables

Outdoor Grilling Table

In addition to the traditional BBQ grill, we are also seeing a lot of grilling tables being installed.  Just as good as Benihana, at a fraction of the cost.  The table pays for itself and is a great entertaining piece.



Outdoor Kitchen 1

The pergola is still a San Diego favorite that allows you to create living spaces anywhere in your yard.  Hardwired electricity can be run to the pergola creating an opportunity for lighting, electronics, and cooking.


Sunken Firepit Lounge Area

Sunken Firepit

The sunken conversation pits of the 70s are back, but showing up outside instead of inside.  A fun way to gather with friends, sit close, and remain cozy while enjoying a beautiful San Diego night.


See something you like?  Reach out to us and our designers can help you custom create your dream backyard.


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